Steadworth Social Media Policy

Effective Date: Not Effective Currently

Effective Date: Not Effective Currently

I. Introduction and Purpose

Steadworth, LLC ("Steadworth") recognizes the importance of social media as a tool for communication and engagement. This Social Media Policy ("Policy") provides guidance to employees on the appropriate use of social media for both personal and professional purposes.

II. Policy Statement

Steadworth encourages employees to use social media responsibly and in a way that reflects positively on the company. Employees are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using social media, as well as Steadworth's policies and procedures.

III. Scope

This Policy applies to all Steadworth employees, officers, directors, and agents, and covers all forms of social media, including but not limited to:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

IV. Social Media Usage

A. General Guidelines:

  • Employees should be mindful of the content they post on social media, as it can reflect on Steadworth.

  • Employees should not post confidential or proprietary information about Steadworth or its customers.

  • Employees should be respectful of others and avoid posting discriminatory, offensive, or harassing content.

  • Employees should disclose their affiliation with Steadworth when posting about the company or its products and services.

B. Personal Accounts:

  • Employees are free to use social media for personal purposes. However, they should be aware that their personal social media activity may be viewed by the public and associated with Steadworth.

  • Employees should consider adding a disclaimer to their personal social media accounts stating that their views are their own and do not represent the views of Steadworth.

C. Professional Accounts:

  • Employees who use social media for professional purposes must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the FTC Act, GLBA, and TCPA.

  • All content posted on professional social media accounts must be accurate, truthful, and not misleading.

V. Marketing and Advertising on Social Media

All marketing and advertising activities conducted on social media must comply with Steadworth's Marketing and Advertising Policy.

VI. Complaints Made Through Social Media

Steadworth will address all customer complaints received through social media in accordance with its Complaint Policy.

VII. Responsibilities

A. Compliance Officer:

  • The Compliance Officer is responsible for overseeing and implementing this Policy.

B. Marketing Department:

  • The Marketing Department is responsible for developing and executing Steadworth's social media marketing strategy.

C. All Employees:

  • All employees are responsible for complying with this Policy and reporting any potential violations to the Compliance Officer.

VIII. Training

Steadworth will provide training to employees on this Policy and all applicable laws and regulations related to social media.

IX. Review and Revision

This Policy will be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure that it remains current and effective.

X. Conclusion

Steadworth is committed to using social media responsibly and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This Policy is intended to provide employees with guidance on the appropriate use of social media.

XI. Contact

Any questions or concerns regarding this Policy should be directed to the Compliance Officer at:

Please note: This Policy is intended to supplement, not replace, any other applicable Steadworth policies or procedures.

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